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Welcome to MIL-The Language Center



MIL-The Language Center was established in 1976 as a
neighborhood private school for the study of English as a foreign
language. Our 6 schools are all located in Chiba, about 40 minutes from Narita International Airport, and about an hour from central Tokyo. At MIL we use the“ Multiple Intelligences Learning” theory of learning (MIL!) to engage our students and optimize their classroom experiences.


MIL currently has about 800 students studying English, ranging in age from 2-80, who attend MIL once a week after their regular school or work day. Our adult students come from many different backgrounds and all walks of life, from lawyers, doctors and pilots to police and plumbers.

Our Teachers  

MIL Teachers are North Americans who come from all over Canada and the USA. All our teachers have at least a BA or BS degree, and many of them have studied Japanese at University. When we hire teachers, we look for people who not only have an interest in Japan, but for those who have a sincere desire to help people and a demonstrated interest in teaching.


MIL's philosophy is simple: we try our best to communicate with and assist each student, no matter who they are or what their level of English proficiency is. We don't look at our students simply as yen signs. We believe that MIL's teachers should help the school through good teaching; not be recruiters.

As English continues to evolve into the most widely-used language of global communication, schools like ours play an important role in giving students the tools and skills they need to share their thoughts and feelings internationally. At MIL we take this responsibility very seriously, and we do our best to help our students achieve their language goals, while having lots of fun in the process!


The MIL curriculum provides a framework that is consistent with the practices of most informed, professional English as a Foreign Language (EFL) organizations in the world. We provide lots of resources and support for our staff, and we encourage professional growth and respect the intelligence of the teachers who strive to teach and reach our students.

If you want to learn about and experience life in Japan while developing professionally as a teacher,


MIL-The Language Center may be the school for you!

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