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How to Apply for a Position at MIL

Although the greatest number of openings Instructors at MIL

tend to be either in the early Spring (Late January - February), 

and late Summer (July and August), we are always looking for

quality teachers to come and join our staff. We will probably

have a position or two opening up within a few months of 

whenever you might apply.

If you would like to apply for an Instructor's position at

MIL, send us a copy of your resume and a cover letter,

either as attachments or in the body of an email. Please

also include a current photograph (a casual snapshot is okay.).

You could also FAX us your resume (043-497-2199), but since

you are reading this web page, via email might be easier for you --

it definitely is for us!


Or, if you have an on-line resume, you can just send us your URL address.


Send your resume and supporting documents c/o Administrative Coordinator to:


We’ll get back to you right away with additional information and application materials.

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