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Fun Stuff to Do 

No matter what your interests are, nearby you will find something exciting to do. If you like museums and historical places, you’ll find Chiba rich in culture (the National Museum of Japanese History is located in Sakura, just minutes from our schools, and we are only half an hour from Narita, with its traditional shops and famous temple.) If you like surfing or sunbathing, we are only an hour or so from some of Japan’s most

beautiful beaches. (If you enjoy surfing, this is the

place to be! People come from all over the world

to surf in Kujukuri and Ichinomiya.) For hikers,

campers, and cyclists, the Chiba countryside has

many picturesque paths and roads. If you have a

couple of free days, you can take a train down the

Bōsō Peninsula, and stay the night at one of the

many small local onsen (hot springs) or ryokan

(traditional Japanese inns).

If your tastes run more toward shopping safaris and nightlife, we are located only about an hour from Tokyo, one of the greatest and most interesting cities in the world. Ginza, Roppongi, Shibuya, and Harajuku are just a short train ride away, and will provide you with hours of fascinating opportunities for exploration and “people watching”. Only an additional 30 minutes from there, on the other side of Tokyo, you’ll find Yokohama’s colorful Chinatown and the giant Buddha statue in Kamakura. And, of course, Disneyland Japan and Disney Sea are right here in Chiba, just up the road a bit . . .

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