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In Japanese, MIL is what's called an “eikaiwa”, which translates literally as “conversation school.” As such, the focus of our EFL classes at MIL is to teach practical English skills for real communication, and MIL’s primary goal is to help our students develop and improve their speaking and listening fluency. One of the premier private English conversation schools in Chiba Prefecture, MIL has 10 schools, all clustered in the northern area of Chiba, and all roughly about an hour from Tokyo by train.

If you’re thinking of applying at MIL for a teaching job (or even if you are just curious!) have a look through our website, and hopefully it will answer many of your questions. If not, drop us an email. At MIL, 24 full-time and several part-time native North American teachers work with over 2000 English students of all ages and ability levels. (see the Classes at MIL page.) We also employ 2 full-time native Korean teachers who teach more than 100 students Korean at all levels. MIL offers Instructors quite a wide variety of teaching experiences.

The MIL English teaching staff is a very unique bunch of people. We have a mix of about half Americans and half Canadians, from all different parts of North America. Some of our teachers stay only for a single year, and some choose to stay at MIL for two, or even three years.

On this website, among other things, you'll find pictures of the kind of Apartments you will be living in, suggestions about Fun Things to Do in the area, and a sample Teaching Schedule for you to look at, so you can get a pretty good idea of what kind of experience you are in for. If you decide you'd like to receive our application materials, take a look at the page called (oddly enough!) "Applying" in the "Life in Japan" section of the site. We hope you enjoy learning about MIL, and that you'll consider joining our team!

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