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MIL Returnees' Classes

Returnees' classes are a very different kind of challenge for MIL teachers, but can also be one of their greatest satisfactions. These classes are for children who have lived overseas and attended school in an English speaking country, or who have attended local schools (in Japan) taught in English. Returnee students are generally

very fluent in English, and Returnees'

classes are designed to draw out their

experiences and maintain and enhance

their command of English. Each term,

the teacher and the students choose a

Theme to explore (some recent examples

have been, “Abracadabra” (Magic and

Mystery); “Fantastic Planet”

(Imaginary Civilizations); “Under the Sea” (Ocean Animals and Plants); and “Myths and Legends”) and develop research projects and activities based around it. At the end of the term, the students present their projects to their parents. The goal for MIL Returnees’ classes is to conduct the class as if it were a level and age appropriate classroom in an English-speaking public school!

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