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MIL Sample Weekly Teaching Schedule

At MIL, for your base salary you will teach up to a maximum of 26.6 hours (1600 minutes) each week. Here is an example of what your regular weekly schedule might look like. Even though everyone's schedules are a little bit different, this should give you the basic idea.

Dana, the teacher with the schedule below, works a 5 day workweek, with Sundays and Wednesdays off.

For the week, Dana has a total of 1545 Teaching Minutes, which is a little bit under the base maximum of 1600 teaching hours for the week. This doesn't include transportation time to and from each school. Nor does it include class preparation time.

On Monday and Saturday, Dana's teaching time exceeds 320 Teaching minutes for the day, so she is entitled to 45 yen per minute overtime on those days.

On Monday and Tuesday, Dana's work shifts exceed 8 chronological hours, so she will be paid an additional 1000 yen per day on those days. 

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