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Types of Classes at MIL



Playgroup— The presence of the parents adds a very different dynamic to these classes of 2-4 year-olds. Although their motor skills and retention are limited, children at this age can master basic vocabulary, numbers, and alphabet letters after lots of repetition. We treat the child and parent as a team, so they can practice at home between classes. Our classes always include lots of songs, stories, and activities to keep the classes fast-paced and FUN!


Kindergarten— Children at this age are very good at imitation, and VERY active. Just like Playgroups, they need lots of variety—songs, stories and constant consistent repetition of basic language and vocabulary (animals, numbers, colors, etc.) They are able to comprehend far more language than they can produce.


Primary— Our goals for students at this level  promote productive vocabulary, basic conversational abilities, and basic reading and writing skills. We use lots of games, skits and songs to keep the classes fun.


Junior High— Students at this age usually have basic reading and writing abilities. They tend to be weak in oral production and very shy in front of their classmates. They often come to class exhausted from their school day, so our challenge is to engage the students and make each class lively and interesting.


Returnees— These children have either lived and gone to school overseas in an English-speaking environment or attended an English immersion program here in Japan. They are often conversationally fluent, and usually good readers, although fluency levels and abilities may vary widely within a class. The challenge with Returnees is to help them maintain the English they already know, and to attempt to keep their English skills level and age appropriate.





High School— Students this age are similar to Junior High students, but usually have a bit more experience using their English, and sometimes a bit more courage.  Many of them are very serious and motivated to learn English.


Adult Day Classes— These classes are primarily housewives or retirees who use English classes as a hobby and as a place for socializing, but we also have some college students or those who work later hours. Some of these students are very serious. Their proficiency levels are quite varied. These students expect to get their money’s worth, and are quick to complain if they feel a teacher is slacking off.


Adult Night Classes— These classes are a wide variety of students and levels. The classes may include a mix of retirees, high school students, business people, college students, and office workers. Each class will have its own chemistry and preferences, and one of our weekly challenges often comes in finding topics of interest to everyone.


Ticket/Private Lessons— Students choose to take private one-on-one lessons because of scheduling limitations, personal preference, or the need to study intensively in a short time for a specific purpose, such as test or a trip overseas. For these students, we set up a tailored curriculum of conversation and study that can be adhered to easily by a different teacher each class. 

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