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"Those who know nothing of foreign languages,       know nothing of their own."


                                                                     Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 

    Hello! You've found the English-language website for:

MIL-The Language Center

(Margaret Gaigo Gakuin)

Just what exactly IS MIL, anyway?



In Japanese, MIL is what's called an “eikaiwa”, which translates literally as “conversation school.” As such, the focus of our EFL classes at MIL is to teach practical English skills for real communication, and MIL’s primary goal is to help our students develop and improve their speaking and listening fluency.

MIL students are of every level, from beginner
to fluent. 



MIL students come from all walks of life, with a wide range of ages and abilities. Our teachers work with more than 800 students each week. MIL offers weekly classes for Playgroups (kids between 2-4 years old who attend class with their mothers.) Kindies (Kindergarten students), Primary students, Junior High students, and Adults. We have special classes for Returnees (children who have lived overseas for a few years and attended school in an English-speaking country), and Private and Ticket lessons, too. We also offer 25 minute Trial Lessons at no cost to prospective students. MIL teachers don’t specialize --everyone teaches students of every age and fluency level!

What's on this website??
Among other things, you'll find pictures of the kind of APARTMENTS our teachers are living in, suggestions about FUN STUFF TO DO in the area, and a SAMPLE TEACHING SCHEDULE for you to look at, so you can get
a pretty good idea of what kind of experience you are in for. If you decide you'd like to receive our application materials, take a look at the page called (oddly enough!) HOW TO APPLY FOR A POSITION in the WORKING WITH MIL section of the site. We hope you enjoy learning about MIL, and that you'll consider joining our team!
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